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4 Party Favor Ideas for Post COVID-19 Wedding

Planning a wedding is probably one of the most exciting times for most couples. However, choosing the best gift favors and ideas has become a little tricky, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. The challenge is to ensure that wedding celebrations are fun yet abide by the COVID-19 safety measures. 

One of the easiest and best ways to make everything fun and safe is to incorporate functional favors. These should be packaged in a way that blends with the rest of your aesthetic at the Reception House. Many couples had to cancel their wedding dates momentarily or push them to later dates when the pandemic began. 

This was unavoidable since most of the world was in lockdown. Here are some ideas for party favors to gift your guests. 

  1. Personalized hand sanitizers

Before COVID-19, hand sanitizers were still seen as practical party favors at different events, including weddings. Even after your ceremony is over, your guests get to keep their sanitizers. They can easily keep them in their purses or cars for easy access. Hand sanitizers are great because your guests can easily clean their hands on the go. 

You could come up with creative bottle shapes and have your sanitizers in gel or liquid form. Lastly, you can have your hand sanitizers in different flavors to suit your aesthetic which is exciting. 

  1. An emergency kit

Emergency kits are popular party favors for bachelorette and bachelor parties. Fortunately, you can still personalize them to suit your wedding. Usually, the kits will have band-aids and aspirin, which come in handy after a night of heavy drinking. 

You can have an emergency kit with health-conscious elements for your wedding, which works great for this post-pandemic period. Some party favors to include in your kit are hand sanitizers, disposable face masks, wineglass namers, and pens for signing the guest book at The Best Wedding Event.

  1. Special tissue packs

You’re bound to encounter a few misty-eyed people at your wedding celebration. It is usually a sign that you planned and successfully executed a beautiful romantic wedding. People want to reach out for some tissue to dry their happy tears when the waterworks begin. 

Unlike in the past, it isn’t safe to reach for the communal tissue box anymore. So to make it easier for your loved ones, you could get them customized single-use tissue packs for each. If these packs are blended in with your wedding theme, it will be even better!

  1. Personalized face masks

Your guests can get tested for COVID-19 before the wedding. In this case, masks may not be mandatory during the actual ceremony. However, if your guests want to be reassured of their safety, you could always get each of them some comfortable face masks. Make it more exciting by customizing them and adding something quirky or funny. 

That could be anything from a funny caption to your wedding dates to commemorate the actual wedding. Your photographers could even snap a few of your friends, a reminder that yours was a COVID-19 wedding.

As the world begins to resume a new normal, couples can now have the wedding ceremonies they always wanted. These party favors will help keep your guests safe, making your wedding a success.

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