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6 Different Kinds of Diamond Rings Design in Sydney 

Diamond rings are precious, just as the worth of their prices are. With this said, these rings make the best engagement pieces of jewelry. Choosing the ring design your significant other will love is likely your priority. Diamond rings design come in different styles you’ll love. Below are these designs you can choose from to symbolize your love for your one and only:

1. Solitaire Rings 

These rings are comprised of a single diamond in its setting. Solitaire diamond rings design have prongs attached to them. However, other kinds of mountings also comprise these rings. Examples of these mountings are the bezel and tension settings. 

Solitaire rings look good on couples who have gotten engaged for the first time. The single design of this diamond rings design expresses freshness, innocence, and pure love. 

2. Rings with Side stones 

Rings with side stones are made of one center diamond that has surrounding smaller-sized diamonds around it. It’s common to see diamond rings in Sydney have stones as some of their designs. Sydney is a vibrant city where products of classy brands are typically found. So, it’s no surprise that rings with side stones are commonly found in this city. 

Examples of sub-kinds of rings with side stones are the three-stone rings. These rings have one center diamond and two stones on either of its side. 

3. Pave Rings 

Pave rings are full of small diamonds that are situated at the band, and are inclusive of small metal prongs, bearing striking resemblance with metal droplets. Some of the pave diamond rings comprise of only tiny pave set diamonds, a larger standalone stone, and a center diamond surrounded with side stones. 

4. Prong Settings Rings 

These rings are the pieces of jewelry in which diamond designs that has metal projections exist. These metal projections mostly come in four or six pieces. Settings rings that have greater number of prongs, though, are also created. 

5. Round Diamond Rings 

Round rings are the most famous diamond rings. The old school round cut style of these rings enhances the brilliant appearance of the rings’ stone design. Such an excellent style and design stand out in comparison with stones bearing other cut styles. 

6. Oval Cuts Diamond Rings 

These rings are likewise famous. However, they are not as popular as the round diamond rings. Oval cut diamond rings comprise of different sub-kinds. These sub-kinds are marquise cut, pear cut, and heart cut. Marquise cut rings have sharp two ends, rather than rounded. Pear cut rings bear an oval cut that has a single sharp edge. The heart cut rings comprises of an oval cut with a standalone sharp edge, and a cleft situated in the rounded end of the rings’ opposite side. 

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