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Animals That Have Actually Served As Ring Bearers At Weddings

When you're planning your wedding, the first thing you envision is the guests - and, of course, the bride and groom themselves. But every wedding also comes with an assortment of animals who can be anything from a flower girl to a ring bearer. These animals don't only have a job to do on your big day, but they can also provide some fun that will make the whole experience more memorable for those who attend!

What animals have served as ring bearers?

Some animals that have served as ring bearers at weddings include Goats, Turtles, Owls., and even a Kangaroos! These furry friends often get to stand in front of the wedding party or bride and groom during the ceremony, holding up their pet carriers or small baskets adorned with flowers. Some animals even get to stay on the side lines and watch the festivities from a distance.

Why are they used at weddings?

Animals typically used as ring bearers at weddings are usually small and cute, which can make them more memorable for guests. Additionally, many animals are domesticated and well-trained, so they are unlikely to cause any disruptions during the ceremony or reception. Plus, they add an element of fun to the wedding!

Ring bearers are typically animals that are considered to be loyal and good-natured. They are often chosen for their calm demeanour and friendly nature, which is thought to put the guests at ease during the wedding ceremony. Additionally, many animals have a special connection with weddings that makes them perfect candidates for this role.

The tradition of animals serving as ring bearers at weddings may have originated from a variety of different sources. Some say that it may have originated in ancient history, where it was customary for rich families to parade their horses and other animals in procession when they got married. Over time, this tradition spread to other parts of the world, and now it has become a popular tradition in many cultures. Some people believe that the tradition of having animals serve as ring bearers at weddings originated as a way to show respect for the bride and groom. By having an animal act as their representative on such an important day, the couple is shown that their family and friends are important to them. Additionally, having an animal present during the ceremony can add a sense of excitement and happiness to the proceedings. For having a wonderful wedding, visit bookingmywedding for amazing weddings

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