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Bride Price: How to Do It at a Lesser Cost?

The bride price is a traditional part of many cultures. In fact, the price is put on a display during the event. It often plays the role of scale with which the society the judges the capability of the groom. People often fail to arrange a spectacular amount to place on the table during wedding as the event itself costs enough. To go with the tradition or impress the guests, one might need to loan the amount from bank or acquaintances. But it puts an immense pressure on the newlywed afterwards. Paying off the loan immediately after the marriage is a huge burden given the fact that there are enough requirements to be met by the new family. While it might absolutely be necessary to meet the requirement of the tradition, there is a way to lessen the burden without compromising with tradition or the reputation quotient.

Renting really exists as an option

While it might sound a bit weird, it is actually not. While there is the need to meet the tradition and the expectations of others, there is also a way to do that in an easier way. Here what people rent is the bride price- a certain amount of money which they cannot arrange without a loan. Here the amount is rented to the client against a charge and by signing a contract. The process requires both the party to be informed about the process.

As the bride price is usually gets paid to the family of the bride, both the parties are required to consent to the process as the amount won’t actually be paid. It is nothing like a loan where you use the money. Here the amount and gifts included in the package is just for show. The bride price for rent (สินสอดดีดี, term in Thai) sits there for evening letting people see and take pictures of. But at the end of it all, the things get back to the service provider. None of the party can have any claim on the money or things. This is what the contract says.

Time for necessary changes

The clients can definitely make some changes in the amount and gifts they want to get for the event. Companies set a timeline to do so as they might need a bit of time to arrange the newly added items. The package reaches the venue hours before the event starts and gets handed over to the clients. Once the event is over, the whole package is returned to the company. One of the most important things about the whole process is that is it all about privacy. No one would definitely want to let people know that they could not actually arrange the bride price. The service providers make sure to keep the contract out of public eye so that no one would ever have an idea that the whole thing is just a show piece. It is the best option to do everything that is needed without inviting the burden of another loan.

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