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Diamond Engagement Ring: Here’s What to Know?

Expressing love can be done in subtle ways and beautiful gestures. While small acts can definitely help to express your care, it is really special to get your partner say yes to your proposal. Such a moment is always special and no one can wait to make it even more happening with a diamond ring. Going down on your knees before your beloved with a diamond ring in hand and all this excitement and expectations in your heart- the scene and the feeling is incredible. Just like your feeling, the ring you offer should also be special. Anyone would definitely love to put a beautiful ring on the beloved’s fingers. But this beauty would definitely depend on your choice. There are a few things that one must know before buying a ring for the loved one. It is always advisable to buy diamonds from licensed and well-known establishment like Diamond Exchange Houston.

The Setting Matters

An important matter in case of diamond rings is the diamond rings. The different setting gives a different kind of beauty by helping the stones to pop out. The prong setting holds the diamond with four or six prongs. When slopes extend to the band from prongs, it is called the cathedral setting. Solitaire are the diamond rings when prongs are used to hold just one stone. A thin metal strip that is hammered or pushed around the diamond create the bezel setting. This setting is known to provide an excellent protection to the center stone of the ring. When your center stone is encircled by tiny diamonds, it is called the halo setting. This setting is known to make the center diamond appear larger.

Metal For The Band

It is not enough to be picky about the stones only. One should also choose the metal wisely that will be used to make the band. Platinum is one of the most preferred metals that is alloyed with cobalt, ruthenium and iridium. Gold always remains in the list of preferred metals. This metal has been a part of jewelry for thousands of years. Rose and white gold is also durable choices for an engagement ring.

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