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Famous Street Photographers You Can Learn A Lot From

Street photography images are taken in public and capture moments of everyday life. What sets it apart from the rest of the genre is the realism and authentic "touch" these photographs take on. They usually show strangers and events that happened in a certain place at a certain time and are shot without their knowledge. These recordings often resemble scenes from a movie and usually tell a short story.

After second World War, the genre began to "blossom". The number of photographers has ultiplied, technology has improved, and experimentation around photography has increased. Street photos of the 50s, 60s and 70s started to show more movement, while welcoming imperfections and blurs in the images. A new aesthetic emerged, paving the way for the style of street photography we love today.

I highly recommend you to look at the pictures of famous street photographers. Go to museums, browse through books or the Internet. Take advantage of the works of great masters. Look closely at their images. You can learn so much by doing so.

Especially when you're just starting out with your own photography, it's very hard to answer the question "is this a good picture". The internet is full of miserable photos. But one thing is certain: you can take your cue from the great masters. This is much more worthwhile than taking photos from any forum, group or community as a model.

To make it easier for you to choose, I'll introduce you to some great street photographers you should definitely know. It is difficult to choose from the great number and variety of famous photographers. Of course, my selection is purely subjective. I tried to cover important genres and mainly chose photographers who could be role models for your own photography work.

Many photographers have taken photos in several genres, have photographed in black and white and color. 

The list of famous photographers

  1. Henri Cartier-Bresson 

Genre and style: street, black and white

The co-founder of the photo agency "Magnum" is not only considered a pioneer of modern photojournalism, but above all THE street photographer par excellence. The publication of many of the photos he took would only be possible today with the permission of the people photographed. How nice that there were fewer restrictions in Bresson's day than there are today. Study his images closely if you enjoy photographing street scenes.

  1. andrékertesz

Genre and style: street, black and white

Unusual angles and unusual shots of everyday subjects are the trademark of this Hungarian photographer. He shoots objects and situations that others probably wouldn't even see, let alone photograph. By playing with light and shadow, he has created masterpieces.

  1. William Eggleston

Genre and style: street, color

Eggleston is an important representative of artistic color photography and made color photography famous. 

  1. Joel Meyerowitz

Genre and style: street, color

Meyerowitz lives and works in New York. He photographs in color the hustle and bustle of his hometown.

  1. Saul Leiter 

Genre and Style: Street, Color

Leiter loved abstract forms and innovative images. He is a representative of the New York School. 


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