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How To Do Corporate Gifting Right

Whatever its roots, the ritual of giving gifts has evolved over time to become a part of our daily lives. It would be difficult for us to commemorate life events like marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, religious holidays, and other milestones without giving a present to convey our gratitude and appreciation. The same is true in business, where we express our gratitude in the form of a tangible token to our staff, suppliers, and clients.

What is Corporate Gifting, to begin with?

Corporate gifting is the practice of providing a present to create a touchpoint with employees, clients, or prospects. The gift can be real, like a piece of utilitarian swag, a tasty treat, or a piece of personalized clothing, or it can be virtual, like an eGift card or an event (such as airfare or concert tickets).

These corporate gifts may be given to encourage behaviour (such as making a purchase, introducing a friend, or finishing a download when investigating a product or service) or to generate a response (as with a prospecting gift).

The importance of corporate gifts

Corporate gifting is an important part of your overall strategies for retaining employees and attracting new customers. Any of the aforementioned applications can benefit from corporate gifting because it has a strong psychological pull that increases employee engagement and a sense of belonging to their employer. They serve as a physical illustration of the values your business upholds.

Therefore, thoughtful, sustainable presents are the best way to show concern and ideals. Here are some pointers to follow this holiday season when giving corporate gifts:

  1. Check to see that the present you choose doesn't portray your business in a negative light. It's important not to acknowledge the negative, pressured culture of your company with such "gifts."

Don’t make the faux pas of gifting offbeat gifts just to be quirky. Wedding door gifts, won’t be appreciated, regardless of the inside joke of your company.

  1. When choosing your gifts, look into their provenance. Seven out of ten customers today think that firms have a responsibility to address societal and environmental problems. If you provide goods that hurt the environment or were made using other unethical methods to your staff, suppliers, or customers, these actions become connected with your brand.
  1. Ensure that your urge for self-promotion is subordinate to your aims of pleasing and giving. Keep in mind that the goal is to express gratitude and admiration. An added benefit is subtly promoting your brand.
  1. Check that the presents you choose are solidly constructed and long-lasting. Expensive novelty things that don't work are eventually discarded. A better recommendation? Get carefully chosen goods that are manufactured locally, ethically, and responsibly. Each of these presents conveyed a different kind of concern to the company's staff.
  1. Instead of giving physical objects, think about giving an experiential present that the receiver will genuinely love. What about taking a virtual cooking class or learning how to make a wreath for the season? Alternatively, think about expressing your gratitude by making a donation in the recipient's honour.

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