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List of 5 Traditional Maharashtrian Jewelry for any Occasion

Gold jewellery is the favourite thing of every woman, and it always remains close to their heart. In India, every state has its traditional jewellery, and the people have been cherishing it for thousands of years. The same goes for Maharashtrian jewellery. Marathi ladies love to wear their traditional jewellery on every special occasion of their life. They feel proud to carry their tradition to the next generation and educate others as well. They love to wear gold on every auspicious and special occasion. But with the changes in time, girls love to wear different types of designer attire on special days. And gold jewellery does not match all the outfits. Many of them love to replace the gold with their silver jewellery collection to match it with their outfit. Silver is also considered an auspicious metal which is less expensive than gold and easy to maintain. 

But if you don’t want to leave your culture behind and still want to wear your favourite traditional Maharashtrian gold jewellery on every special occasion, we have a very special list for you. Here is the list of 5 traditional Maharashtrian jewellery that will go with all the outfits and are best suitable for any occasion. 

  • Kolhapuri Saaj

Kolhapuri saaj, as the name said is a very important piece of jewellery that originated from Kolhapur. It is a very uniquely designed long necklace set made of gold. It is very skillfully designed with 21 leaves, 2 ruby stones, and 2 emeralds. It is believed that the leaves carved in the necklace comprised the different avatars of Lord Vishnu and symbolize ashtamangal. The ornament is first woven in a green-colored silk thread and then further adorned. 

  • Bugadi

Bugadi, also known as bugdi in Maharashtra is a very unique ear ornament. It is very famous among Marathi ladies. It is mostly designed with various metals and stones including gold, diamond, pearl, emerald, etc. The specialty of this ear jewelry is it is worn on the helix region of the ears. It is designed with a long and thin plus which is hollow from the end so that it can be screwed for a tight fix. It is available now in various designs, shapes, and sizes in the market. The different types of bugadi that are available in the market are moti-bugadi, khaddi-bugadi, lavanga-bugadi, and kalashin-bugadi. You can buy as per your choice. 

  • Kudya

Kudya or kudi is the traditional earrings of Maharashtra which are generally made of gold and pearl. They are also available in silver these days so that they can be matched with any Indian attire. These are the statement pearl and gold earring that looks beautiful with every Maharashtrian attire. 

  • Nath

It is the most uniquely designed nose pin worn by every Marathi lady on their special occasion. It is quite big in size and therefore many of them do not find it comfortable to wear it daily. But is available in various shapes and sizes now. It is a half-moon-shaped nose pin made of gold and pearl. It is now available in silver as well. 

  • Tanmani

It is a choker-styled necklace set made of gold and pearl and fits well with every Maharashtrian attire. 

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