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Modern Wedding Color Schemes That’ll Work For Any Season

Planning a wedding requires thousands of decisions, and one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is choosing the best wedding color schemes for your day. It’s probably the one decision that you’ll make that can have the most significant impact because it’s what ties the overall look together. To select the best wedding color for your special day, take into consideration your venue, the season, and your favorite hues. So, if you’re just getting started, your to-do list will be long- from hiring vendors, choosing the location, selecting your bridal party, creating the perfect wedding hashtag, and your wedding color palette, are just a few.

But don’t stress about it! We’ve put together an incredible list of modern wedding color schemes to get you inspired. These are some of our favorite color schemes for weddings, regardless of the season, ranging from lovely pastels to rich color combinations to monochromatic moods.

Top 8 Modern Wedding Color Schemes For Any Season

1. All-White Wedding Theme 

An all-white wedding theme is fantastic for couples that love a classic, minimal, and timeless look. White symbolizes purity and peace, which makes it a grand wedding color scheme. And while white wedding decor can be formal and traditional, it doesn’t have to be. We encourage you to get creative and have fun with it! You can have white flowers, table linens, chairs, cake, and even all of the fashion (including your guests). 

And don’t think for a second that a white wedding color scheme will be bland because, with the right details and unexpected elements, you’ll have a whimsical and romantic setting in no time. 

2. Forest Green, Chocolate Brown, Craft Brown & Cream 

For all earth lovers planning a rustic wedding, this is the perfect wedding color palette - forest green, chocolate & craft brown, and cream. If your dream wedding is in a beautiful rustic barn or outdoors, you’ll want to celebrate all the things that Mother Nature has blessed us with. Use beautiful florals in shades of cream, different types of greenery, and touches of chocolate brown for the perfect wedding color. The natural backdrop can be most of your decor, and then you can add lovely details such as table settings, centerpieces, linens, and yes! First, of course, your flowers. 

3. Muted Neutrals - Ivory, Cream, And Beige - Earthy, Bohemian

A timeless wedding look of creams, ivories, beiges, and everything in between will never go out of style. Even while pops of color are eye-catching and lively, a soft, understated wedding color palette of neutrals is the epitome of dreamy. Colors like beige, ivory, white, and similar neutral hues are timeless and calming. It’s a beautifully earthy, bohemian, and romantic wedding color scheme. 

4. Black And White - Formal

If you’d love to host a classic and stylish wedding, then one of the best wedding color combinations to consider is black and white. This color scheme is so striking and on-trend that it’s perfect any time of year. 

A black and white wedding theme also has the benefit of being simple to blend with other hues, such as gold, silver, or even red, which would only serve to strengthen your entire design. So, whether you want a formal affair, or just something traditional and classy, a black and white wedding never goes out of style. 

5. Rose Pink, Blush Pink, Turquoise, And Sky Blue - Beach Wedding

This is one of our favorite wedding color schemes because it reminds us of the tropics. Perfect for beach weddings, any time of year, this color palette exudes joy making it an excellent choice for wedding decor. It’s a beautiful color scheme for couples that love bold pops of color that remind you of waves and crystal blues skies.

6. Pantone Rose Brown And Rose Gold

Nearly ten years ago, the rose gold wedding aesthetic became popular, but this pinkish color has since been a staple for romantic themes, and even now, the lovely shade still makes us swoon. Rose gold feels trendier and more contemporary when compared to conventional metallic tones like silver and yellow gold. 

It may also be used in any season and at any wedding venue, whether you're throwing a garden party or an industrial-chic wedding. There are various ways to include rose gold wedding decor, from engagement rings to wedding stationery, cutlery, apparel, and even wedding cakes. And when paired with the beautiful Pantone rose brown, you’ll have a wedding color palette that’s pretty, romantic, and luxurious (without the hefty price tag).

7. Lilac And Lavender - Intimate

Lilac symbolizes the innocence and purity of first love, while lighter purple hues conjure romanticism. These colors together are perfect for intimate weddings with only your closest family and friends. You may go in so many different directions by experimenting with different hues, from romantic and whimsical to opulent and seductive. And these lovely colors photograph beautifully, so you’re sure to get Insta-worthy photos. 

8. Ombre - Gradient, Modern Rustic

Feeling only one color? Pick an ombré color scheme for your wedding. Even if you’re designing your wedding around a single base color, using a gradient palette will make it appear uniform and well-planned. The benefit of sticking to one color is that you can adapt your look to each season. And an ombre wedding color scheme will wow your guests because it’s unexpected and creative. 

Wedding Color Schemes Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Best Color Combination For A Wedding? 

When it’s time to choose your wedding color scheme, it’s essential to choose the hues that you love. The colors will be present in every part of your wedding, from the invitations to the wedding decor and everything in between. But, most importantly, it’ll be in your wedding photos, so you want to choose a palette that you will enjoy for eternity.  

What Are The Wedding Colors For 2022? 


You can expect to see green hues everywhere in 2022, from natural greenery to color palettes that feature green as an accent tone or primary color. In addition, as one of the top 2022 wedding colors, green will take on a more ethereal, calming tone.

Peachy Pink

Step away and blush. Pale pink will continue to be one of the popular wedding colors in 2022, although peach and light orange tones will be more popular than the previous year's rosy blush and mauve hues.

Light Blue

The color blue has always been a staple of color palettes, but for 2022, eccentric, unusual, and more fine art-leaning hues of this hue are becoming more prevalent. So, for example, we see cerulean in place of a common periwinkle and French ultramarine in place of navy.


One of the most popular wedding colors for 2022 is yellow, especially if you're looking for a fresh and cheerful color scheme. For years, this surprise choice in color has slipped past people's decorative radar, but in the following months, you can anticipate that to change.

Earth Tones

While bohemian and minimalistic neutrals will continue to be fashionable wedding colors in 2022, deeper accent tones will be used to give these natural color schemes depth and richness.

Earth tones, including nude, soft white, beige, dusty rose, and rust (a hot one this year! ), are a popular emerging color scheme.

What’s Your Color Scheme Saying?

A wedding's color scheme should be chosen with the same care as the venue, theme, and decorations. More than focusing on only one or two specific colors and how they’ll be displayed, the color theme's purpose in wedding planning is to bring the appearance and feel of the event to life. A color scheme that complements the season, location, and general concept of the wedding will make it unforgettable. 

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