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Reasons Why Vintage Jewellery Is A Sustainable Choice For Your Wedding

Global warming is a huge issue with our generation and more people than ever are being more conscious of their buying habits. This includes the types of jewellery and clothing they are purchasing that will reduce the impact on the environment. Even more so people are now looking at more sustainable wedding options which is why a vintage engagement ring has become extremely important. Gold mining is one of the most destructive forms of mining and results in around 180 million tonnes of toxic waste into rivers, lakes and other water supplies by choosing vintage or antique, you are helping to reduce this dramatically. In this article, we will go through 5 reasons why vintage jewellery is a sustainable choice for a wedding.

What Is A Sustainable Engagement Ring?

When something is sustainable, whether this is jewellery, clothing, food or even building materials, it means that the materials are not irreplaceable and have little impact on the environment. Due to no new mining for new materials or gemstones, vintage jewellery definitely makes the sustainable list. We will go through some of the top reasons why vintage jewellery is a sustainable choice for a wedding ring.

Gold and Diamond Mining 

There is a range of different ethical issues regarding diamond and metal mining as it can cause erosion and reduce biodiversity in the local area of the mine. More often than not, toxic waste will end up in rivers and water which will result in local ecosystems being destroyed.  

One of the other issues with mining and manufacturing metal and diamonds is that they use a lot of natural resources including energy and water. When it comes to using natural materials, the more that is used, the more greenhouse gases are emitted. When you choose a stunning antique or vintage engagement ring, you are choosing to help the environment rather than everyday consumers. 


In the modern world, mining and manufacturing often occur in distant parts of the United States and Europe. The number of resources that have been mined or manufactured means that a huge amount of travel is needed to export the products. This in turn uses a lot of fuel which in turn increased the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

The great factor about you purchasing a vintage art deco engagement ring is that you are not contributing to the travel as you are simply extending the life of a piece that has already been through all of the trouble of mining and manufacturing a new piece. The other great factor is when these pieces were made, they are not batch-made and are often made to order.  

Final Thoughts

Antique and vintage engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular for many couples for so many reasons but above all for its sustainability, the fact that you get more for your money as well as many of the pieces being made to order meaning you won’t see a piece quite like it ever which is exactly what you want when getting engaged, a ring that nobody else has. 


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