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 Top 3 Tablecloth Care and Maintenance Tips

Table linens are sumptuous for decoration and taking care of your tables. However, some table linens might be expensive depending on the material used hence the need to care for them. Taking care of your table linen is not complicated. 

You get many benefits from tablecloths, tea towels, and napkins. However, some table linen might be torn or badly stained to the extent that it will look outshined. In such cases, you can consider spandex tablecloths for your next event since they are durable and you can use them longer with proper care. This article will explore tablecloth care and maintenance tips.

  • Act Fast

When you have an event, and your tablecloth gets stained, don’t hesitate until the stain dries up. Doing this can make it hard to remove the stain. Instead, remove the stain immediately after the mess occurs since removing it will not be complicated. You can keep the tablecloth and finish the laundry the next day. However, you need to use a spot treatment that can remove the stain leaving your tablecloth clean as new. Avoid rubbing it immediately when you put the treatment, as you will spoil the rest of the fabric. 

Before applying any treatment to your fabric, test it on a small spot to check for color lightening and fastness. Using chlorine bleach can lead to erosion of your fiber linen or cause yellowing, damaging your tablecloth partner and color. Consult an expert on the best stain removal product and the process to use. Different manufacturers will have written instructions on removing stains and the products you can use. Never neglect a stain and work on it immediately to avoid spoiling the whole fabric.

  • Soak Your Tablecloth

You must soak your tablecloth before you thoroughly wash it. When soaking, fill your pan with hot water to help remove the stains easily. Alternatively, if you use a machine to clean your linen, put it in hot water and avoid running a complete cycle. It will help eliminate the stain so you can wash your fabric the next day or after a few hours. When soaking, it’s essential to check your manufacturer’s instructions since some recommend using cold water and other detergents to soak your fabric to remove the stain.

  • Proceed To Wash and Dry Carefully

Be careful when washing your tablecloth; a slight mistake could tear it apart or worsen the mess. On the tagline of your fabric, you will find instructions on the type of water you need to use and the appropriate detergents. In case you don’t see the instruction ensure to be gentle when washing it.

After cleaning, you can hang your linen out to dry in the sun. This sunlight can help bleach out stains and can help fix the marks permanently. However, if the unwanted stains still stick, you must re-treat and wash them to avoid them sticking forever.

End Note

The above is a critical and easy way to care for and maintain your tablecloth. If the manufacturer doesn’t leave instructions to follow when cleaning, you can use this method for most of the fabric. When buying your tablecloth, ensure they are of high quality to avoid tearing them when you wash.


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