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Unique Wedding Catering Options You May Not Have Considered

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. But the stress of planning should never take away from the fun and meaningful nature of the event! One of the most stressful parts of planning is providing food for all the guests to enjoy. Of course, there are traditional catering options. However, some people like to think outside of the box! These people want their wedding to be memorable and stick with their guests for years. Picking a unique catering option will ensure that the guests never forget the event!


Pizza! Who would've thought they would be tucking into a pizza catered at a wedding they are attending? This fun and unique dish is perfect for even the pickiest eater. These pizzas can be placed around different tables or displayed at a buffet-style bar with decorative dishes and placements. Or, they can appear in a "custom pizza bar" type setting with a variety of toppings for people to have the pizza they want via a pizza caterer like Hot Stones Pizzas. That way, the only thing that needs to be ready is the cheese pizza! Another great benefit of this option is the ease of take-home boxes for the guests! It will reduce the amount of clean-up there is and leftover pizza to take on the honeymoon.

Hog Roast

Serving a hog roast at the wedding can make the venue feel more relaxed. Brides and grooms have put in a lot of work to make the wedding happen. By this time, many want to enjoy their wedding and feel relaxed. The hog roast is the perfect solution. Not only that, but some caterers cook the roast at the venue with a hog roast machine to ensure it is as fresh as possible before serving!


Those that have a country-themed wedding would love a good barbeque catering! Barbeque covers myriad options such as brisket, chicken, pulled pork, tri-tip, and many more. The variety will ensure that there is something for everyone at the wedding!

Fish and Chips

With fish and chips on the catering menu, the bride and groom will have leftover money to spend on other things! The bride and groom can serve this affordable option as an appetizer with bite-sized fish or at a beachside wedding. Also, everyone loves chips! This dish can be cooked for a large venue by a caterer and turned into a culinary masterpiece by the right wedding venue.


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