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What all to know Wedding Photographer and Videographer before hiring one?

When most people think of wedding planning, they think about the venue and catering. They imagine what the dress will look like or what color scheme the bridesmaids will be wearing. They think about their friends and family and how much fun it's going to be to see everyone together on one special day.

But the truth is that once your wedding day is over, you're going to want something tangible from your big day—other than your new spouse, I mean—to remember it by. And that's where photos come in. While you may have a friend who can take pictures on this occasion, there are many reasons why hiring Marc Shaw Photography & Films is better for capturing all those special moments at once in a lifetime event.

Do Not Hire Wedding Photographers Without Face To Face Meeting

  • You should always have a face to face meeting with your wedding photographer. The reason for this is that you will be able to see their work and get an idea of what kind of style they have, how they would shoot your wedding and what type of pictures you would like to see from them after the wedding day. This can also be used as a reference point for questions that you might have about their work. 

For example if you did not like their portfolio or the way in which they shoot weddings, then it may be better for you to find another wedding videographer london who provides such services instead of hiring them no matter how good or bad their skills are in taking photographs at events such as weddings.

  • Ask them if there are any particular things which they do when photographing events like weddings? For example, do they go around taking photos while sitting down? Or do they prefer going around while walking on foot? If possible try finding out whether it is okay for them to shoot some video footage during these occasions too because most people prefer having both types together: stills photography along with video footage during special occasions like weddings so that there can be something tangible left behind afterwards even though people are gone forever now days.

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